The Hollywood Secret to Fuller Lips Finally Revealed ...

Click here to see what Lindsay Lohan uses to make her lips fuller.

In a recent interview Lindsay Lohan revealed the little secret behind her visibly fuller lips.

Full lips are everywhere, from the red carpet to the covers of the leading fashion magazines since Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and other top celebrities set the standards high showing the world that, when it comes to lips, bigger is always better. Many of us desire that same pouty mouth but some are afraid of the pain that goes along with the lip injections and the impossible price of the procedures. Fortunately, seems like the celebs have found a new smart way to achieve full lips without injections or surgery which happenswithout the pain and at extremely affordable prices. Just like all people, celebs don't like pain and Linsay Lohan seems to be no exception resorting to a new painless but effective method to make her lips fuller. In a recent TV interview she opens up on the speculations about her ehnanced lips and finally reveals the secret - it is all thanks to a lip plumper

Just take a look at the pictures of the visibly volumized pouts of Lindsay Lohan. She was recently photographed with new suspiciously fuller lips. We have to admit her new lips look absolutely natural and we wouldn't tell she has enhanced them if we didn't know how her older lips looked – they were much thinner before as you can see on the photos. Actually, she is not the only one. Other celebrities who have recently appeared on the red carpet with noticeably fuller lips are Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Miley Cyrus, etc. Do you think they all have undergone painful invasive procedures to get that sexy look? Not exactly! The majority of them turn to a simple tool to maintain their lip shape and it's no miracle– it's a lip plumping gloss.

Plastic surgeons recommend...

So far most lip enhancements rely upon injections. But these fxes are short-lived and expensive. We asked the the experts to suggest ways of plumping up your pout - whether that involves a trip to the surgeon or not...

We intreviewed Dr. Richard Fleming, a Hollywood plastic surgeon, who has helped many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and many others get their beautifully shaped mouths, and asked him What is the secret for beautiful naturally looking full lips?:

Well, it is definitely NOT injections, fillers or surgery! That was in the past.Today celebrities are looking for more natural ways to enhance and maintain their lip volume. They prefer more subtle, painless and safe methods provided by lip enhancing tools. City Lips Pro, for example, is the most popular lip enhancer right now among Hollywood beauty queens. It is a very simple-to-use lip gloss which moisturizes the lips, while making them appear fuller and sexier without any pain or irritation. I always recommend it to my clients because it's a totally natural and safe product.

Another reason why Hollywood stars prefer City Lips Pro lip augmentation gloss is because it is inexpensive. Celebrities, like the rest of us, want to feel 100% safe, look beautiful and have perfect lips wihout spending too much money on it. Believe it or not, even the richest stars don't want to spend a fortune on expensive procedures which not only work temporarily and are painful, but could also be dangerous and often result in that unnatural look of the lips known as "duck lips". That is why natural lip plumping products are getting more and more popular now."

So before spending money subjecting yourself to a knife and a needle, consider the specialists' opinion about getting fuller, plump lips the smart way - without injections or surgery.


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OMG! I have lips now HAHa, Thanks a million


This is just what I was looking for. I heard about these lip plumpers, but I didn't know they really work so well.


I feel so much younger now with fuller lips. This is an amazing invention, My life is better than ever.

hot chick:

Haha, how stupida are people to go plastic surgery when these plumpers give so much better results. I myself use one now and my lips look better and more natural than my friend's who had lip injections and now looks like a duck face :)


just fabulous!!!!!! i already have big lips but they got even bigger!!!!would buy it again!!!!!!! not sticky at all!!!!


I love this product. As soon as I put it on I saw a difference, especially in my top lip which is thinner than my bottom.


Not only does it plump your lips, but it makes your lips look and feel so smooth. Sometimes instead of wearing it during the day, I'll apply it at night and wake up with plumpy soft lips. I love it!


I enjoy, cause I ran across exactly precisely what I wanted. You've ended my four day extended hunt


I've used this product- it's amazing and quite effective. This is a good product. I love it and am buying it again! It's a little pricey but is worth it.


I think my lips are full enough, but it won't hurt if i make them even bigger :)


Love to have soft sexy lips ;)


OMG, this product is amazing! I have been using it for more than two weeks now. I apply it on my lips right before I go to bed and leave it to work its magic during the night. When I wake up in the morning I have the most beautiful lips I have always dreamed of. Go get City Lips Pro, girls! You'll feel absolutely great! Guaranteed!


Where do I get it from?


Get it from the official website - its cheapest there.


How does it work, fo u have any idea?


@Hell_EN: I am a beautician in New York and I have tried City Lips Pro on my self and my clients. It works by bringing more blood flow to the lip area causing the lips to swell and look more plumped. I am very happy with the product and use it every day. anyway, If you're not satisfied you can return one completely empty bottle and any unopened bottles for a ful refund within 90 days.


I don't beleive this things. Besidz, I got buutiful lips of my own. 100% natural babie!


Well youbetta beleive it bitch cuz I am toatally addicted to City Lips.Use it every day and my man cant stop kissn me. Luv it!


Hey, I'd like to order City Lips becauseI have very thin lips. Does anybody know what ingredients the product contains? I'd buy it if it's only natural.


Hey MM I've been using City Lips for 6 months and I assure you it's 100% natural. Before buying it I checked all reviews and articles about it online and I can tell you it contains some amazing ingredients. Its formula is enriched with natural mango and papaya fruit extracts bitter orange flower extract and sabal palm leaves extract. Horsetail, flax and calamus extracts which are great sources of vitamins E and C are also contained. All these ingredients work together to protect delicate skin of the lips and keep it moisturized 24/7. Don't be afraid go try it and you'll immedialy notice the diference.


Thank you, Versace_girl, it sounds great! You have helped me a lot to decide. I am definitely going to buy it now.




is this thing suitable for men too?


Have you noticed guys that if you use City Lips Pro regularly for a while, the effects last longer and longer? My lips are generally quite a bit fuller than they used to be, even when I\'ve just gotten up in the morning or haven't used the gloss for a while. I guess it's becuase of the Hyaluronic Acid, known as nature's "moisture magnet", which gives you instantly smoother and fuller lips. Whaddaya think?


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